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Donald Boutros was invited to start the art department at the University of Toronto Schools where he spent 26 years sharing a love of art and its various forms of expression with his students. Prior to the commencement of his teaching career, he was heavily influenced by courses given by June Drutz at OCAD. His work has been shown at the U of T Art Centre, the Don Valley Art Club and the Forest Hill Art Club. This past year he won the “View from Dorset Tower Award” from “A Brush with Highlands” four day plein air competition.


In my work, the techniques and disciplines of painting (composition, colour, the handling of the medium) intersect with the figure subject. The work asks viewers to contemplate the affective experience of looking. What does it mean to look at the human form arrested? In these paintings the human figure and ground merge, raising questions about the relation of the body and its environment. Gestures capture the figure in space, the play of brushstrokes evoking movement and music in the still form.

–Donald Boutros


October 2011