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Wendy Weaver



These photographs are moments from my life.  Individually they depict a specific time, place and event. Collectively, they tell my story. These individual moments are like points on a graph. By connecting them one can deduce much about me and my essence. Why did I capture one moment and not another or one subject and not the next? Why did I compose a shot to include some details and exclude others? Why did I choose some images for this portfolio and not the rest? All these choices are clues to my tastes, my sensibilities and my personality. All reveal a bit of my story.

It’s a story that began in 1960 in Toronto where I was born. My first awareness of photography as an art form came from my father, who was an avid nature photographer. Though he died before my own interest in photography began to take hold, I still remember and follow his advice on composing photographs. I also still fight to break away from his purist beliefs on photography – the rules that he tried to instill in me, such as what makes a good photograph. I now realize there are no rules.

When composing photographs, my approach has less to do with deciding what to include in any given shot than it does with deciding what not to include. The resulting image is what remains once I’ve edited the rest of the world out. To remain in an image, something must be relevant to that image. If it doesn’t add to the image, it detracts from it.

Aside from photography, my interests include composing music, playing my flamenco guitar, and inventing. Thank you for sharing in these moments from my life.


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