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My art practice has covered a wide range over the past 40 years in media and subject matter including sculpture, set design and instrument making. My current work focuses in three areas, figurative painting including portraits, landscape painting and printmaking. The figurative painting takes a critical look at the social conventions which are imposed by contemporary culture and the validity of those conventions. Portraits engage similar issues and represent a declaration of how we want to be seen by posterity. My landscape painting is almost exclusively made outdoors from life and allows me to directly engage natural phenomena including light and colour. Printmaking for me is an extension of drawing and most recently has focused on aquatint as a way to develop pen and ink and wash drawings. I enjoy the physical act of painting and drawing making marks, mixing colours and applying paint. I am also fascinated by contemporary society and how we create meaning in our lives.

EDUCATION (selected)

  • 2005 to 2016 - ONTARIO COLLEGE OF ART & DESIGN - Watercolour Painting (Chinkok Tan)
  • 2004 Spring - OPEN STUDIO, Toronto - Etching Studio (Pawel Zablocki)
  • 2002 Fall / 2003 Spring - ONTARIO COLLEGE OF ART, Toronto - Printmaking Studio (Jack Cassidy)
  • 1995 - Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, School of Visual Art, New York


  • 2017, 2012, 2010, 2009 - The Faculty Club, University of Toronto
  • 2008 April - Gallery 888, Toronto
  • 2006 November - Gallery 888, Toronto
  • 1997 December - Park Street Gallery, Windsor
  • 1996 May - Capitol Theatre and Art Centre, Windsor
  • 1996 April - Common Ground Gallery, Windsor


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