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Jamie McGill is primarily a landscape painter, working both in watercolour and oils. Largely self-taught he has attended classes at Humber College, Haliburton School of Fine Arts, Neilson Park Creative Centre and the Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting. At many workshops he has studied under some of North Americas leading painters. The majority of Jamie’s paintings begin as plein air sketches, some of which provide the basis for larger works completed in his west-end studio. His work has been shown and won awards in juried exhibitions and club shows in Toronto.

“ People often ask me why (and sometimes, how) I decided to take up painting. I came to painting relatively late in life – it took a lot of years to figure out, and then to accept, that it was perfectly okay to direct your interest and energy in pursuit of something as seemingly audacious as painting.

Perhaps it was my love of nature that drew me to landscape painting. That might sound somewhat of a cliché, but it’s fundamentally true. I have lived some of life’s most perfect moments on the water in the near north. The hope to share these feelings with others – capturing those moments on paper or canvas is in large measure why I picked up the brush.

Much of painting is about learning this visual language – this means of expression: analyzing, interpreting, simplifying. It’s more than mastering the tools and the technique – reading shapes, values, colours, edges. Above all else, it is a state of mind that is only achieved when you finally stop “looking” and learn again to truly see the beauty that is all around us.”

November 2009