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"One year should seem as full of beauty and grace as forty - spend a little time getting to know the third stone from the sun."

Paul Quarrington


Ann has had the pleasure of exploring ideas, experimenting with materials and sharing rich experiences with her students throughout her 32 year teaching career.  She counts herself very fortunate to have taught the spectrum of levels in education and in challenging programs including at the University of Toronto Schools as well as the Faculty of Education at McGill and York Universities.  Her major at the University of Toronto was in Fine Arts Studio where she developed her passion for printmaking.  As a member of Open Studio in Toronto, she now immerses herself in lithography.


Artist Statement:

Stories of courage, strength and determination provoke responses in me.  I create a visual expression of the stories in turn encouraging a response in others.  I invite questions to be asked.  Responses range from familiarity of an historical context to connections with distinctly different viewpoints.  Various interpretations exist in tandem.  This resonates
within me about our human journey.

The tactile process of lithography grounds me.  The graining of the stone and then drawing my images takes time.  This allows for reflection of what's important to me in developing the essence of each story - an evolution takes place like the stories themselves.  As a printmaker, the opportunity of creating multiples allows for stories to be told many times over.  Through communicating, we inform, become informed and understand more deeply the strength of the human spirit.

Ann Unger